This exhibition aims to touch upon the increasingly unraveling seam between deviant states and normative states, and to point resolutely at the place where the temporary emergency situation turns into a legitimized ongoing situation that in the end leads to a paranoia of suspicion and to the use of violence to re-establish public order.

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Bruce Nauman (U.S.A.)   Paul McCarthy (U.S.A)   Jürgen Waxweiler (Germany)   Sun Furong (China)   William Kentridge (South Africa)
Sophie Calle ( France / U.S.A.)     Josephine Meckseper ( Germany / U.S.A.)   Leonid Sokov (Russia / U.S.A)   Barni Searle ( South Africa)
Bill Viola (U.S.A.)   Wilhelm Sasnal (Poland)   Graham Frew ( Scotland)   Artur Zmijevsky, Poland  
  Anselm Kiefer (Germany)   Kendell Geers (South Africa)   Samuel Beckett (Ireland)
Santiago Sierra (Spain / Mexico)     Adi Ness (Israel)   Andrei Gennadiv (Russia)
Katarzyna Józefowicz ( Poland)   Beth Block (U.S.A.)   Pedro Barateiro (Protugal)   Atzmon Ganor (Israel / Canada)  
Danae Stratou (Greece)   Clemens von Wedemeyer (Germany)   Carsten Höller (Belgium)   AIgor Makarevich (Georgia / Russia)   Gaston Zvi  Ickowicz (Israel)
  Haim Maor (Israel)   Efrat Gilad (Israel)   Mikhael Subotzky (South Africa)   MShahram Entekhabi (Iran / Germany)
Barbara klemm (Germany)   William T. Ayton ( England / U.S.A.)   Tsibi Geva (Israel)     Graham Frew ( Scotland)
Renzo Martens (Neatherlands / Belgium)       Thomas c. Jackson (U.S.A)   Jill Magid (U.S.A.)
Tomer Applebaum (Israel)   Eyal Warshavsky (Israel)   Hila Lusky ,Israel   Leora Laor, Israel