Wilhelm Sasnal

Untitled, Poland, 2004

Oil on Canvas 170x150cm

Courtesy of the artist and Foksal Gallery foundation, Warsaw

Sasnal is a young Polish artist of noted promise, both in Poland and in the international art world. His pieces are so distinct from one another that it sometimes seems they are the work of different artists. Nevertheless, it is possible to track a common thread between them, a sensibility brooding on political, ethical and aesthetic aspects of reality.

This piece, “Untitled” 2004, was derived by Sasnal from an image in a film or TV series which stirred his imagination. The decision to name the piece “Untitled” detaches the image, which contains a narrative, from any additional meaning which the artist might impose upon it. In this manner Sasnal enables the viewer to wonder at the enigmatic picture and imbue life into a moment which suspends within it an event both past and still to come. The meaning resides in the details: who are this group of people walking, where are they walking, why are they carrying suitcases? Sasnal hints in his painting at the character of the journey, and perhaps even its outcome, while the hill, as a natural boundary, curtails both the prospect of the gaze and any hope.