Katarzyna Józefowicz

Carpet, Poland, 1997-2000

Collage with cuttings from newspapers and magazines 156x60x5cm

Courtesy of EVN Collection, Vienna

Katarzyna Jozefowicz is an artist and art lecturer in the art academy at Gdansk. In her work Jozefowicz cuts, copies, re-pastes and obsessively re-orders the composite elements of her pieces, in a process sometimes lasting several years.

Jozefowicz stresses the process and multitude of elements contributing to the whole, which is striking in its weakness and fragile vulnerability. These wholes could be structures, objects or human beings which congregate in their masses.

The piece “Carpet” is composed of thousands of human faces and shadows placed side by side, part anonymous and part identifiably belonging to famous figures. All are fated to exist in one state, subject in their fragility to one shared destiny.