Pedro Barateiro

Seeing From Above II, Portugal, 2006

Acrylics on photographic print (RA4 process) 127x155.5cm

Courtesy of Pedro Cera Gallery, Lisbon, and the José Carlos N. D. Sampaio collection, Portugal

Pedro Barateiro was born in Almada Portugal in 1979. He is a graduate of various art institutions in Portugal and Sweden.

Barateiro reflects on the way we manage our physical and mental space, and the identity we establish in the places we choose to live in, be it a space, our body or our psyche.

Barateiro also reflects on the process of capitalization in the world, the attempts made to adjust to advanced technologies and the ensuing transformations.

His photographs, drawings and installations, are virtually always built on "borrowed" documents and images, which he interprets and makes his own, transforming them with personal intervention and creating a foundation for analytical thought about the concept of geography, space, and the construction of social identity.