Sun Furong

Nibbling, China, 2003-2005

Zhongshan Clothing Mixed media installation Width 260 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Tokyo Gallery, Beijing

The bodiless Zongshen people represent one of the administrative units of the people’s republic of China. They do not suffer from the process overtaking their liberated body, for all that they feel the pain. The reverse is that they find themselves combining in a group euphoria of enjoyment of that very pain itself. The figures crammed intensively together, pressing one another and supporting one another. The mutual dependency among them emphasises the shared destiny of the group in its local or broader sense.

“For me, to take something in totally good condition and deliberately spoil it, that’s actually painful, and that pain is all the things I experienced which hurt me or made me unhappy, until I finally turned into someone who hurt others. When I cut clothes into rags I wanted to weep. In the process I do cry and I feel I’m cutting myself, until finally I find myself cutting somebody else and feel indifferent. Indifference breeds a kind of enjoyment which rapidly turns into a kind of torture.”