Barbara Klemm

Frankfurt, Germany, 1978

B&W photograph 70x100cm

Courtesy of the artist

Barbara Klemm is a respected and well known German photographer, who has been documenting social and political situations for the past thirty years around the world. Kelmm’s work is interwoven with an almost cynical criticism which she wishes to pass on to the viewer from the scene of the event. In the seventies Klemm was on the editorial staff for a daily German newspaper named the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and her photographs were published on an almost daily basis in newspapers and magazines in Germany and around Europe.

Barbara Klemm has won many prestigious awards throughout her career. She has participated and still participates in many exhibitions all over the world. These days she is a professor of photography in Fachhochschule (university For Applied Science) in Darmstadt.