Atsmon Ganor

Bar Cochva Rebellion (the "Atlas" series), Israel, 1999

Illustration on map 49x34cm

Courtesy of the artist

Atzmon Ganor is an Israeli artist living in Canada. Since the eighties he has exhibited mainly in Israel. His piece “Atlas” (2000) is a series of illustrations on maps which was published as a book – an actual atlas, mixing maps of continents and distant lands with human/bestial figures.

Ganor’s illustrations represent an experience which signifies the boundaries of the body, almost always by crossing them. In the series “Atlas” private borders overlap political borders. The meeting of private and intimate with national and political creates power relations charged with desire: individual identity is the product of a meeting of the law, symbolized by the state, up against the body in its most repressed desires. But the meeting is not singular, clear and decisive – it creates a series of moments, of real and fantasised experiences, moments by which the boundaries of the body and at times even the boundaries of the state (and law) are left a little altered.