Leora Laor

Image of light 28, Israel, 2004

70x100cm Digital video still, lambda print.

Courtesy of the artist

Leora Laor is a second generation born in a family of Holocaust survivors. The fragility of her figures serves her as a central source of inspiration.

Laor’s photographs focus on solitary figures against a backdrop of public views. She reveals her figures in the light of twilight, and more than light illuminates the figures. They light their surroundings with their inner light, and draw about themselves a hazy halo seeking to softly join the view behind it.

The pictures Laor chooses and takes out of their cinematic context, which are taken by her digital video camera, involve the viewer in a creative experience and a voyeuristic one regarding the figures she lies in wait for, in planned coincidence.

For a brief moment the public park, a place of refuge, transforms into a scene redolent with fears and dangers.