Doris Bühler

The Observer, Liechtenstein, 2007

Sculpture, polyurethane cast with patina,
97X114X65 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Hengevoss-Dürkop, Hamburg

Doris Bühler sculpts the image of the observer contemplating the world from a different viewpoint. “From an inquisitive angle, tense and dumb,” says the artist. “Are we capable of understanding and sensing the array and possibilities of our existence?” She summons observers to tackle the notion of death and other stages of life: “We are forever at some stage of life or death. Each moment is unique, and so are we, for every passing moment influences our concepts and our viewpoints. The burden of history influences our outlook and accordingly, we are unable to regard anything without subconsciously relating to the past. Our concepts are dictated by our human history and whatever we have experienced in the past. In this work I am trying to challenge rigid thought patterns.”

The "Observer" is introduced by the artist as a shining metallic head emerging from the earth. The sculpture recalls the visual experience of computer-generated objects and virtual expanses. The head, generated by advanced technology, consists of over 300 aluminum plates welded together.

“The artist directs us to look upwards,” writes the sculptor Laura I. Sünner “It is a regard at infinity. By means of her work she inspires us to regard the fears foreseen at mysterious and unknown distances. The observer is invited to take part in manifestations of which he has insufficient information. The gigantic figure materializing out of the earth recalls the giants who roamed here according to the mythology of antiquity, and so they emerge like aliens threatening us from other planets, or figures born of feverish technology and genetics.