Graham Frew

The Stone Next to the Tree, Scotland, 2007

Video, 3.10 min

The Museum's Collection

Graham Frew’s work deals with the logical patterns of language, and the way in which these construct social and political reality. His short and performative pieces explore the border between the philosophical and comic, trying to show the absurd aspect of using language. In his piece “The Stone Next To The Tree” he deals with the way in which language manufactures a consensus about reality. He analyses the apparatus for devising the concepts with which we collectively define ourselves and the world. In his view, the pattern of our thought, and as a result also the pattern of the society in which we live, are the result of founding principles which are used to justify the societies we create. By means of a reductio ad absurdum of the conceptualisation apparatus, Frew shows us how these concepts justify the apparatus of power and provide a basis for the authority and control we give to the powers that be.