Andreas Golinski

Untitled (unknown stories), Switzerland, 2008

Iron, glass, photos,
light 120x70x10 cm

Courtesy of the artist

The works of Andreas Golinski are private and intimate. They highlight the personal anguish that has accompanied him since childhood. He connects us spectators to his private experience, a connection that we too project upon memories that are collective and national, rather than personal.

Into the iron frames he welds so thoroughly, he imprisons mislaid memories.

Through plates of frosted glass, the kind that allow an onlooker to see only illusory figures, or residues of a family album never leafed through, the artist presents a silent, painful protest. The pain is over loss of childhood and deprivation of memory.

Trapped inside sealed iron boxes he locks his figures away from us and from himself, heightening our curiosity to know more about them. Golinski displays his sealed boxes in rooms darkened like detention cells dimly-lit in such a manner, not so much to illuminate as to temporarily blind the observer and prevent him from seeing the boxes.