Rafal Jakubowicz

Arbeitsdisziplin, Poland, 2002

Light box, video, postcards

Courtesy of the artist

Rafal Jakubowicz treats the historical memory of the war and the Holocaust. The Volkswagen factory in Antonink stands on the artist’s way to work at his job at the Poznan University in Warsaw.

The work includes a photograph of the structure as seen through the barbed wire fence, with a high tower resembling a chimney, the company logo accompanied by the slogan Arbeitsdisziplin , and a short video screened by loop depicting a uniformed guard striding along the fence. The combination of the footage (which has undergone no digital manipulation whatsoever) evoking associations with concentration camps, and the slogan derived from a similar context (while also relating to contemporary corporate culture) reminds us of the company’s shameful past. That may be the reason why it was decided in 2002 not to display the exhibition at a gallery in Poznan.