Sarah Nind

Paysage Fragile – Road #3 1, Canada, 2001

Oil on Ortholith film,
86X61 cm

Courtesy of Newzones, Calgary, Canada

The series of works by Sarah Nind, "Paysages Fragiles",bring together the urban environment and an imaginary landscape harboured within each of us. The imaginary landscape encompasses psychic elements alongside romantic imaginings drawn from the world of culture and literature.

Nind’s interventions in her photographs transform their essence, granting them complex meanings in relation to the treachery of the environment encompassing us. The dramatic coloring, the blurred imaging, the perspective that directs the observer to the stormy skyline, combine with the apocalyptic heavens and the foreshortened paths, granting no respite. The sense of restlessness grows the moment the question is posed: did the situation depicted in the fourth work, showing smoke rising, precede that in the previous work, or is it its consequence?

"Loosely translated, "Paysages Fragiles" alludes to the idea of the fragile landscape", says Nind. "The work was conceptualized as the meeting point of the photograph, environmental issues raised by the image, and the subjectivity of painting. The architectural spaces and landscapes represented in this body of work are often problematic. A disquieting emotional response is evoked by the dichotomy between the memory and projected imagination of place, and the actuality of reality of place. Through these pictorial narratives, I desire to re-trace, re-write, re-know, and ultimately re-claim the mnemonic traces of memory that define our understanding of identity and place"