Shai Kremer

On the winding road between Akko and Safed, Israel, 2003

Digital C-print,
101X76 cm

Courtesy of the artist

Along with his links with the Israeli landscape, Shai Kremer surveys the traces left behind by the violent and ongoing conflicts between Israel and its neighbours.

In a unique manner, Kremer documents controversial issues, his work comprising images of the partition fence, training areas, ruins left behind from previous confrontations and scars inflicted upon the landscape. His photographs document walls and fences that divide the country, and landscapes left ravaged with scorched pockmarks that offer a constant reminder of an unresolved conflict.

His images offer a reflection on the psychological trauma and the duality it engenders, from life in a world of incessant friction. Kremer’s work warns against transforming the residues of combat into a constant in the lives of human beings, inviting the onlooker to consider the long-term consequences of relentless violence