Stanislaw Koba

The good news and the bad news:
Floating fish
Air Raid Fish
Departure Fish, Poland ,2007

3 Granit sculptures,
60X20X8 cm each

Courtesy of Leto Gallery, Warsaw

The fish image prominent in the work of Stanislaw Koba is an icon frequently repeated in the cultures of antiquity and mythology, in East and West. In various legends, the fish is also a sign of fecundity, prosperity and the course of life from birth to death.

Koba’s granite fish faces in different directions simultaneously, while his video works sporadically change direction and meaning. Their flow and movement receive differing interpretations, and the incessant flux constitutes a source of dread. Thus the fish momentarily forfeits its significance, being transformed into a symbol that disturbs tranquility, inducing the observer to accompany its direction in search for the changing meaning of that movement. When it transforms momentarily into a technological device associated with death, the "Departure Fish" recalls a missile blasting off its launch pad, the "Air Raid Fish" takes on the form of a bomb dropping from the heavens, and the "Floating Fish" is as threatening as a submarine or warship.