Sue De Beer

Still from "Permanent Revolution" ,USA ,2007

Photograph C-print mounted on aluminum (Edition of 6),
106X76 cm Video 27 Min

Courtesy of Arndt & Partner, Berlin/Zuric

The video work by Sue De Beer commences with images that have undergone swift editing. Soldiers dismantle their weapons, while in the background the sound track describes the birth pangs of the Bauhaus movement which was founded “in vehement protest against materialism and the horrors of World War I”. Further, the work represents historical figures and episodes, against which the famous words of Rosa Luxembourg ring out: “Tomorrow, the revolution will arise again […] I was, I shall be.”  All this ends in haze, from which we return to the “spiritual” revival stemming from “the sufferings of war”.

In Permanent Revolution, De Beer relates to the famous proletarian battle cry by Marx and Engels. The duo later abandoned the slogan at some stage, but Trotzky, and even Rosa Luxembourg, adopted it subsequently. The term does not necessarily relate to any particular revolutionary class as an agent of history, and sounds more like a warning against forces of political enslavement.