Rania Akel

Untitled, Israel, 2009

Honeycomb in a frame and acrylic, 23x45 cm

Courtesy of the artist

The maps Annabel Daou draws are conceptual maps: they do not encompass geographical areas, but turn borders into spaces that escape topographical distinctions. This erasure of borders in her work creates transitions that are devoid of identity. The artist systematically documents the meaning of these boundaries present in - or absent from our imagination.

Annabel Daou’s borders create a distinction between Self and Other. By omitting absolute lines she permits opposites to merge. She merges the elements of her artistic creations by obscuring the boundary and multiplies the written word as an image that pronounces itself and the contradictions it contains. Through multiplicity and repetition of motifs, she engages and suggests that this practice might be necessary as a way of preserving or even duplicating Self and the Other simultaneously, into a broad range of contradictory identities. Could the maps that she weaves substitute for the ranges and the distances within an homogenous space of shared identities?