Almut Rink

Foamywater- Ground Moving Makes the Sea Look Deeper, Austria, 2008

Video, 13.6 min

Courtesy of the artist

The video takes the viewer on an imaginary journey through fictional landscapes drawing on the three dimensional software used by landscape architects and designers. The video discusses the concept of nature: by using software to create something which is understood as being ‘natural’, the project questions our most basic notions of nature and highlights the paradoxes inherent in creating manmade landscapes.

Borrowing the title Foamywater from one of the landscaping software menus, the work reveals the framework by which these images are made, and reduces the once wild and dangerous elements of nature into a mediated experience.

The work takes over the format of the tutorial, a short manual about the parameters of (re)constructing nature on the screen. Phrases from manual instructions alternate with personal comments. “Why 3D-visualisation? To get one’s ideas across to non-experts”, says the manual. The re-construction of nature on the screen is used as a tool to locate oneself.

“Foamywater” deals with the framework of 3D-software in order to question the basic conditions of our comprehension of nature. Beside the terrain and atmosphere is also the sea, one of the basic elements of landscape, that is used here for self-localization - the subject turns toward the sea to come closer to himself.