Miki Kratsman

Combat 2008, Israel, 2008

Digital print, 116x170 cm

Courtesy of the artist & Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

Miki Kratsman’s camera lens reveals a political reality that is hard to contemplate. His images are painfully accurate and courageous. In a reality of struggle, not only over territory but also over blamelessness, morality and the courage to look at things as they are, Kratsman makes a journey into a world that confronts his public of viewers with what they would prefer to ignore.

Kratsman, one of the leading photographers in Israel, photographs landscapes that change in accordance with considerations of security and governance, and reflect power relations, limitations imposed on the movements of inhabitants, and attempts to separate different populations. “As you near the concrete walls, you lose the sense of interior and exterior”, Kratsman says. “Combat 2008” is a landscape image, nature that is open to interpretation, and severed from a norm that can be easily ignored. A green expanse and a scattering of figure targets brings us back immediately to the reality in which we live.

Kratsman, once again from an unexpected place, forces us to confront the target cardboard soldiers that upset the tranquility of the surrounding landscape.