Wim Wenders

Jerusalem Seen from the Mount of Olives, Germany, 2000

C-Print (Edition of 7), 290x115.6 cm

Courtesy of Haunch of Venison, London

Wim Wenders firm and developed view on the role of cinema and photography in general also relate to the ecological state of our planet. Wenders believes in the important role of the picture and image in influencing, changing and focusing public attention on the responsibility of the individual.

“Many films have foreseen all sorts of catastrophes, and I have seen the World Trade Center crash at least three times. But none of these films have remotely grasped the consequences that the real events had on the people on this planet. Movies seem to have very little concern lately about the consequences of what they depict. “Entertainment” stops right there and declares ‘No Responsibility’. That’s what I’m still hoping might be a result of all this: that films cannot so easily deny their responsibility any more.”

Wim Wenders in an interview to La Repubblica.

“I’m attracted by things that are about to disappear or have already been forgotten, or things that have been here for millions of years and will survive us all. Photographs put time into such a perspective. They humble us and our selfish memories. That’s why it is a sad fact that most of the information and most of the “news” we receive are not aimed primarily at telling us anything truthful about the world, but at entertaining us, or better: they’re marketed so that we stay on that channel, or keep reading that newspaper or keep buying that magazine.

‘Facts’ are not so relevant any more, unless they sell well. The word ‘real’ is a four-letter word, at least for the entertainment industry. (The most hilarious and paradox new word creation is certainly ‘Reality TV’). Anyway, a lot of people are sick and tired to be only addressed and treated as consumers.

We have a right to be entertained, sure, but we also have a right to receive true and simple and honest documents. I see one single photograph of Sebastiao Salgado and my need for TV news is satisfied for a week.”