Xu Shun

Pit, China, 2007

Oil on linen, 130x195 cm

Courtesy of Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin/Beijing

In his book, The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols, Klausbernd Vollmar says that “a deep hole symbolizes loss, insecurity and fear of the future. The hole might represent a blind spot, that area inside us and inside others that we cannot see.”

That is the black hole, posing question that we do not know what is at its end and what caused its creation.

As a fear and anxiety of a reality embedded in us, we associate the hole with a world of sensations and hallucinations and with the reality following us. A reality of metaphors borrowing its images from the aesthetics of routine and from newspapers and other communication channels. The painting of the wide “hole” opening up in the center of the village is a metaphor and a reminder rather than a documentation of an actual event. This is the way the artist understands it and this is the instinctive way the viewer sees it. The hole could be a result of an earthquake in a remote Chinese village or a rocket or bomb launched on Sderot or Gaza.

Either way, it is the hole we look at and which reminds us of a specific event, and the blurry painting technique contributes to its vague location