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Dani Karavan

Olive Trees Will Be Our Borders, Israel, 2009

Neon installation, 100x460 cm

Artist's donation to Museum on the Seam

Dani Karavan creates his art out of this place, by means of it and towards it. The time and the topography of the place are his source of inspiration and the point of departure from which and to which he looks by means of the subjects of his work. Before he decided on the neon work that he has made for the facade of the Museum building, he visited it several times, experienced its surroundings, and learned about its stories and its original caprices, as well as those that changed their appearances through the upheavals of time.

The Museum building, which served as a battle position in the no-man’s-land and on the historical seam-line, is still standing as it was, pocked with bullet holes and war wounds. The political challenge that Dani Karavan has placed on its facade is a courageous call for change. The neon work is written in three languages: Olive Trees Will Be Our Borders. The dialectical inscription tries to break free from the limiting territorial debate and proposes a utopian “border” expanse, in which nature marks out a space that is both symbolic and real. This sentence will look at us from the Museum’s facade for a long time, for at least as long as it takes for his vision to be realized in the region. It will look at us by means of the landscape around it, and at the same time it will look at the expanse to remind us and to proclaim a degree of sanity in our attitude to the other, to our neighbors and to everyone else