Uriel Miron

Interchange, Israel, 2002

chalk drawing and color 200x205cm

In an existential state of wandering, every home is inherently fragmentary, a temporary way-station that can be known only up to a point, before it is abandoned. The differences between one home and the next blur, while one clutches at some kernel of constancy and stability within oneself - turning away from the ever-changing external circumstances. Every home is the same home, but not home. The road, ever- duplicated, also fades into sameness, familiar in its very foreignness. Ultimately the road loops back to yet another interchangeable home and thence back to the road. There is no off-ramp.

The way keeps on swerving, turning, twisting around itself, until through so many detours and flanking maneuvers, so many efforts to steamroll and pave over, to carve through the terrain of life in order to reach the goal that grows ever more distant, ever more indistinguishable from the very act of striving towards it... the road becomes a barrier,
a road block.