Karen Kipphoff

That Time, Norway, 1992

After Samuel Beckett
video art on five screens

“Silence 7 seconds. Listener’s eyes are open”.
These are the first lines of Beckett’s short play “That Time” from 1976. This play served as the inspiration for Karen Kipphoff’s work. As in the play, the camera follows a single figure, “the listener”, who is sealed into his own world, not aware of people watching him and listening only to inner voices and the memories that accompany him. “The listener” is found in an ongoing and fully intimate dialogue with himself. The observer is not able to ascertain the true content of the dialogue which is going on between the listener and himself. The observer invades the forbidden world of the other, his private world, the same world that we are being asked to respect just as we are asked to preserve and respect his privacy. Perhaps our voyeurism actually takes us into our own worlds.