David Maestro

Via Dolorosa (the path of agony), Israel, 1995

1998 Israel (8 black & white photographs 40x30 cm)

The journey of individual or collective suffering is always charged with deep and powerful emotion. It is only natural that the journey of the Christian's agony through the streets of Jerusalem to the site of the crucifixion with all of its symbols and meanings would be an inspiration to creativity in all periods and in all mediums.

The dance group "Tamar – Jerusalem " with choreography by Amir Kolgan has chosen to mount this performance, perhaps installation, perhaps dance. Christian and Jewish refugees are banging on the gates of Jerusalem , they are not allowed to enter the city and they continue to wander. In ritual ceremonies Christian and Jewish symbols are deliberately combined and mixed together. The audience follows the dancers from station to station in the path of agony and in this way becomes part of the performance and perhaps wandering refugees themselves.