Hema Upadhyay

Where the Bees Suck, There Suck I, India, 2008

Fiberglass, painted aluminum Variable dimensions

Courtesy of the artist and Studio la Citta, Verona

Hema Upadhyay relates the story of life in the slums surrounding the towns of Mumbai and Calcutta in her native India, life that is shared by those living in tin or clay huts stretching from one horizon to the other in townships on the outskirts of the big cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, in the pavelas of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, or in refugee villages in the West Bank. The swing of progress, the building and demolishing as well as an omnipotent and arbitrary establishment threaten the little that can still be salvaged for the good of populations living at the margins of society. Rather than a metaphor, Updhyay’s work is an allegory on the reality of slums and refugee camps all over the world.