Katarzyna Jozefowicz

Cities, Polnad, 1989-1992

Paper 100/100/240 cm

Courtesy of the artist and the collector Peter Meeker

The materials most often used by Katarzyna Jozefowicz are paper and cardboard, both of little durance and relatively delicate. With their use she creates subtle constructions of thousands of elements. Her works are extremely laborious, demanding several years of monotonous work, all of which is carried out by the artist herself. “City” (1990-1991) is a paper object constructed of uncountable elements. It recreates the complicated structure of a metropolis, which does not develop horizontally, but accumulates vertically. The structural fragility and delicate components of the work betray the outlook of the artist as well as her attitude towards these structures. Destined, as they are, to house hundreds and thousands of people, they nevertheless fail to provide them with any sense of security and serenity.