Miki Kratsman

Khan Younis 1, From the Series Panoramas of Occupation, Israel, 2005

Digital print 5.70/10 meters

Courtesy of the artist and Chelouch Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

About the work by Miki Kratsman, I include excerpts from David Grossman’s article on operation “Lead Cast” “…When the clouds of colored smoke dissipate from the politicians’ claims of sweeping and decisive victory; when we discover the actual achievements of this operation, and how far they are from what we really need in order to live a normal life here; when we finally admit that a whole country eagerly hypnotized itself, because it needed so badly to believe that Gaza would cure it of Lebanon-it is - maybe then we will settle accounts with those who, time after time, incite the Israeli public, whipping them into a frenzy of arrogance and a euphoria of power. Those who have taught us over the years to scoff at belief in peace and any hope for change in our relations with the Arabs. Those who have convinced us that the Arabs understand only force, and therefore that is the only language we can use in our dealings with them. And because we have spoken to them for so long in that language, and that language alone, we have forgotten that there are other languages for speaking to human beings, even to enemies, even bitter foes like Hamas - languages that are as much our mother tongue as the language of planes and tanks …We must speak to them as part of a calculated strategy. We must initiate speech, insist on speech; let no one put us off. We must speak, even if dialogue seems hopeless from the start. In the long run, this stubbornness will contribute much more to our security than hundreds of planes dropping bombs on a city and its inhabitants. We must speak out of understanding, born as we look out at the horrible devastation, as we grasp that the harm we are capable of inflicting on each other, each people in its own way, is so enormous and so destructive and so utterly senseless, that if we surrender to it and accept its logic, it will end up destroying us all.”

David Grossman’s article on operation “Lead Cast” entitled “The Story we are Trapped in” (Ha’aretz 20.1.09).