Aliza Olmert

Cross Out, Israel, 1996-2004

3 photographs 110x165 cm / 16 photographs 70x102 cm

"Someone unloaded his anger with a paintbrush, and someone who disagreed replied in kind. The lifespan of the writing on the wall shortens as the atmosphere becomes heavier. The walls of the area of conflict are overlaid with violent
language of symbols, shaped by chance into powerful compositions.

The writing on the wall is not always verbal but it does chronicle the spirit of time. It pictures the erosion of the continuing war, the weariness in the eyes of the people, the impatience with solutions far off on the horizon, the tide of escalation, the shout for calm and identity.

Who is entitled to sign these creations on the wall? The spirit of man? The hand of chance that occasioned the forms, the erasures, the colors…and even if you choose not to know, you cannot walk along the street and ignore its scream."

Aliza Olmert