Ergin Çavusoglu

Liminal Crossing, Turkey, 2009

Two channel synchronized HD video installation, sound Duration 7:45 min

Courtesy of the artist and Ludwig Forum fur Internationale Kunst, Aachen

Ergin Çavusoglu is re- enacting a family history episode, which took place during the migration exodus of ethnic Turks from Bulgaria to Turkey in 1989. More then 300,000 fled Bulgaria in a period of several months. Many expelled by the then communist government were given only a few hours notice, and were not allowed to take most of their belongings. The project was filmed at Captain Andreevo border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Turkey. An upright piano is being pushed and pulled by hand between the two borders, leaving Bulgaria and entering Turkey. The scene takes place at night when the no-man’s land between the two countries becomes liminal and redefined creating a sense of dislocation and reinterpretation. The work implies an awareness of borders, whilst representing the so-called border dwelling and the allocation of the place between the places. The two-channel video installation, “Liminal Crossing,” was produced by the Ludwig Forum for international art in 2009.