Dana Levy

Disengagement, Israel, 2005

Video, 3:00 minutes, Soundtrack: Lokai

Courtesy of the artist and the Israel Museum

House by the Wall, Iseael, 2005

Video, 5:00 minutes

Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Tavi Drezner, Tel Aviv

Disengagement ­

“The work was made during Israel’s disengagement from Gaza in August 2005, and relates to man’s basic need to grow roots in the land. The tree house appears and disappears like magic, emphasizing its temporariness. The work was made during an artist residency in the Austrian countryside.”

House by the Wall ­

“The film was shot at what seemed like an abandoned house, adjacent to the separation wall, in Palestinian territory. The graffiti on the house’s walls indicate that the Israeli army had once occupied the site. Outside, in the yard, sheep are held like prisoners, while an optimistic boy flies his hand made kite.”