Yossi Breger

Roaring Lion, Tel Chay, Israel, 2007

Black and White photograph 110/152 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Givon Art Gallery, Tel Avivs

The work of Yossi Breger invites the viewer on a journey to the beginning of Zionism. The epitaph inscribed at the feet of the Roaring Lion monument in Tel Hai is the basis of the myth imparted by Yosef Trumpeldor to posterity about the fight for one’s home. “Dulce et decorum pro patria mori” became a symbol of colonizing Zionist values by perpetuating the notion of the war of the few against the many. The Roaring Lion monument by Abraham Melinkov was erected over the grave of the fallen in Tel Hai, and there it stands overlooking the entire valley. It perpetuates the legend, consecrates the home and its values, and sets the standards for protecting and guarding it.