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Chiharu Shiota

Past \ Present \ Future, Japan, 2009

Building, olive trees, 6 mm black rope metal frames
11.5/16/7 meters

Courtesy of the artist

Chiharu Shiota creates installations made of black thread. Her works are woven into dense crisscross webs that enclose and connect objects to the space surrounding them. The threads she interweaves traverse the space creating a structurally energetic and sensitive linear drawing that captures the viewer between spots of light and shade within meticulously well-organized compositions. The image is mostly abstract, whereas the objects she introduces into the work’s space, or those existing therein to begin with, contribute to a narrative permeated with an atmosphere of confinement and uneasiness. Her work travels the spaces of her inner world, a world demarcated as a spatial entity and disassociated from external reality. Thus, her installations are a metaphor for the nightmarish web within which she is ensnared; somewhere between yearning for a protected world and the nightmares and anxieties that we, the viewers, repress and overlook, although they remain there, always lurking for moments of crisis. Shiota was commissioned to construct an installation at the Museum on the Seam, an installation that would connect the house through its past to the reality of its existence today.