Barbara Kruger | USA

Fear Like Us, 1994

Silkscreen, inks on acrylic panel
140 / 140 cm

Courtesy of Sprueth Magers Berlin London

Barbara Kruger is considered one of the most famous activist artists in the art world.“Kruger is both a social commentator and a political agitator”, says art critic Kate Linker. “Her work has both a place and a strategic role within contemporary artistic discourse.” Kruger’s identity as an artist is one that is self- invented in active engagement with the social-politicaleconomic- cultural space both outside and within the frame of art.

…Kruger’s works speak loudly, shattering the silence of an image emptied of meaning. The diversity of Kruger’s practice is underscored by her consistent interest in public address and her shift towards a more intense direct address of the spectator. In focusing on stereotypes, clichיs, and categories as manifestation of power and control, her work has consistently positioned itself within the world, actively engaging and confronting the spectator. Ann Goldstein