Stephan Kaluza | Germany

Trap in 9 acts, 2007

Lamda print, aluminum, acrylic glass
250 / 20 cm (9 rows)

Courtesy of the artist

In his “Bildstcke” (image-pieces), Stepahn Kaluza explores narrative image sequences. Each Bildstck is made up of several thousand photographic images of a theatrical plot, which are subsequently strung together to a seamless strip.

The starting point for every Bildstck is a textual and visual concept. The protagonists’ dialogue is composed like a theater piece and the scenery and theatrical space realized in the same way. During the subsequent actual stage performance, a centrally positioned camera photographs the action once every second.

Trap in 9 acts /”Drones” was the fourth project in this kind of artwork.

- The story is about the society´s pressure to individual; the protagonist should do something he doesn’t want: In the middle of the image stands an altar, on which a child lies under a blanket; the protagonist prowls around it, armed with a dagger.

His attempts to murder the child are thwarted by his increasing desperation. The more incapable he becomes, the more the flanking walls move in on him, until they finally leave him only little room to maneuver.

The flanking walls represent the social pressure to carry out the inhuman act. “Individuals as they are might be quiet, friendly, unless we all have to live under the pressure of law and judgment; the society might be a protection but sometimes, it is expecting to receive a “price” which you can not always accept”.