Spencer Tunic | USA

Pink Tenderness (Chinatown, NYC), 1999

Diptych, Photograph
85 / 110 cm, each

Courtesy of the artist

Spencer Tunick uses naked bodies as raw material to intervene in chosen sites; this homogenized mass nudity transforms and revitalizes already striking buildings, urban environments and natural landscapes.

While Smithson Spiraled land, Tunick covers roads, plazas and bridges with the naked bodies of his volunteers. Each individual becomes a tiny piece of texture ‘a blade of grass’ in Tunick’s overall composition.

Tunick is intrigued by the idea of private faces in public places and each installation erodes traditionally held views on nudity and privacy. Nothing could be less of an aphrodisiac than the congregation of different shapes and sizes. The collective disrobing becomes a leveler, where individuality becomes blurred and irrelevant.

“In the first work the police wait with plastic handcuffs and wagons to arrest any person who decides to pose nude for art. In the second work you will see, if you look close, that the only one naked is a small 6 month old baby being held by its mother in the center of the group.

It should be noted that after these two violations of my first amendment rights, my Civil Rights Lawyers and the ALCU filed a First Amendment Emergency Lawsuit against the City, the case went up to the Supreme Court and I won.”