Thomas Galler | Germany

Eternity Is The Ecstasy, 2008

Coca-Cola bottles, U. S. Flag, plywood box
46 / 48 / 37 cm

Courtesy of the artist

War is Over!, 2004

Ecstatic Fire, 2007
Animation, DVD, silent, endless loop

Courtesy of the artist

“…The complex relationship between reality and the media… is an extremely important aspect of my work, also in private life. We are constructs of our social environment: I am what my acquaintances, friends, family, the outside world project onto me. I am convinced that media products are that much crasser: they create images that are anchored in a collective memory”. To work with found footage means to work with images, sounds, language, voice, sound and music.

For Galler this means essentially renewing the context, individual elements and fragments through a collage.

Not only does this process analyzes and deconstructs the content and its form of expression, but also questions the evidence status of cinematically analogous images. The individual elements, on the other hand, are left untouched by Galler (in other words he does not scratch, color, burn or distort them like other found-footage artists).

and so, as is the case with ready-mades, everyday images lose their actual function, their direct functional value as objects for information or entertainment, while retaining traces of their referent. In the context of the museum, they are foreign bodies, yet those that relate to the reality; given their direct or indirect references to historical events.

War is Over!, 2004

With thumb and index finger I reach casually for a bunch of newspapers and pull out a page from the last edition of December 2004.

Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s peace advertisement with the words “War is over” on page 4 goes together with the escort advertisements printed on page 133. And so things come together that do not in fact belong together and yet, in this form, are no longer separable: art and real life come face to face.