Claudia Rogge | Germany

Camouflage x, 2007

Color Photograph
150 / 200 cm

Courtesy of the artist

For the last several years, Claudia Rogge has reflected on the two seemingly paradoxical and contrasting phenomena, individualism and mass society.

She has sounded out her subject matter in different ways and with different strategies by evolving fascinating theoretical underpinning for her idiom.

She became increasingly fascinated by the concept of the mass – by parades, choirs, refugees, concert-goers, rallies, football fans, exiles.

For Claudia Rogge, the entire world is a stage and the stage is a complete world. Her compositions are densely filled with parades and human masses. She directs the mass theatre with attention to facial features and personal appearance of each individual.

The masks covering her heroes aren’t intended to cover their personality, but rather to accentuate their facial expression. She directs a play based on the reality of life, just as she is an activist for animals and human beings in distress.

In Rogge’s theatre of reality, the artist creates the actors in our image and stirs in us, the spectators a desire to join them.