Raphie Etgar | Israel

BlueWhite, 1995

120 / 180 cm

Courtesy of the artist

In Raphie Etgar’s solo exhibition at the Israel Museum in 1995, there was one poster that was shown isolated from the others, it was the poster, Bluewhite.

This poster was designed and printed just days before the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. It was an expression of the public atmosphere and the mood of the nation during those days, which reached its boiling point with the murder and which has yet to cool; the wounds sustained then, have still not healed among many of us, even today.

This is the only protest poster designed by Etgar and like his many theaters posters that were designed during the previous 20 years, it is evocative in a poetic way through the use of metaphor and associative images while avoiding direct documentary exposure that reveals its presence in the plot or the event or in happenings in real time.

The flag is not waving as is its way, but is folded as a contaminated shroud, that hides the Magen David in the folds of the cloth – to protect its desecrated honor. To protest the murder that stole the hope of an entire generation for peace – peace that was within arm’s reach.

A short time after this, Raphie Etgar, initiated and established, the Museum on the Seam, and he has served since then and until today as Artistic Director and curator of exhibitions.