Michal Rovner

Coexistence 2, Israel, 2000

Video art

A cluster of figures huddle together on a horizon line in the middle of nowhere. Like adolescent boys, they shove and kick: their gestures resembling play one moment, hostility the next. Over time, the figures multiply, and the action becomes harder to read. Did we witness a riot or a game? Who are these people? Are they under siege? Do they coexist? The narrative ambiguity is characteristic of all Michal Rovner's art.

Rovner creates worlds in which everything is reduced to the barest essentials and the boundaries between truth and fiction are unclear. She achieves this effect by stripping her images of any information specific to a particular time and place. Rovner remarks that her work is influenced by the territorial struggles that are a feature of world politics. At the same time, it is about the complexity of relationships between individuals. This merging of global and personal associations is part of the installation's strength.