James Clar | USA

Terminator Terrorist / Terrorist Terminator, 2011

Lenticular print, acrylic paint, metal
80x105 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Farook Collection

Iron Fist, 2010
Chrome plated GRP, TV, DVD player, two way mirror
50x40x40 cm

Courtesy of the Artist and Farook Collection

Terminator Terrorist / Terrorist Terminator

In this work, Clar compares and relates the image of the terrorist as he is represented in Western media with the cinematic character of the Terminator from the 80s and 90s science fiction films.
Here, the two intersperse in a hologram where the character of the Terminator- the technologically equipped hero- alternates with the image of the terrorist, the self-possessed freedom fighter who is a threat to public safety.

By doubling the two popular images, Clar allows us to see the terrorist reflected in the image of the Terminator and vice versa.

Iron Fist

The center of James Clar’s work is a chrome-plated fist and a background of the flags of democratic Western countries, symbolizing the iron fist with which these countries rule their people.

Clar hints at the atmosphere in these countries, where governments use semi-totalitarian tools in order to enforce law and order, while claiming that they are under heightened threat levels, thus allowing themselves to inhibit any form of disorder. The government can then punish those who oppose it or those who are defined as a public threat without conforming to a court of law.

Clar’s works refer to the meeting between the law, which was harmed by the appearance of terrorism, and the world, looking for a new world order by legitimizing its new laws and using them as a tool to restore that order.

In his works, Clar warns us of extreme patriotism, which is willing to sacrifice individual freedom for the good of the nation.