Ahmed Alsoudani | Iraq/Germany

Untitled, 2009

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
250x190 cm

Courtesy of Private Collection

Alsoudani is an Iraqi artist who grew up in Baghdad. Having lived through the wars that inflicted his country in the 80s and 90s, his work is influenced by the horrific images he’s seen during the Iran–Iraq War, as well as the terror of the First Gulf War.

His paintings are a combination of vibrant colors and the grotesque images of war and fear, and hell does not loosen its grip on him— it floods his imagination and his large-scale acrylics, where Alsoudani immortalizes the amorphous landscapes he left behind.

The painting in the exhibition is one of his war paintings series, which was widely collected by important collectors in the West. The core of the painting is an imposing boot shaped after the mythological Tower of Babel, housed by characters wandering through its mazes


Alsoudani links the biblical story’s embarrassment, chaos, and lack of communication with nations, faiths, and cultures on the battlefield. The artist disqualifies the battlefield as a place where issues can be solved, and warns us of humanity’s inability to resolve conflicts by way of negotiation.