Christian Philipp Müller | Switzerland

Launch Vehicles, 2008

Styrofoam, lacquered
7 Rockets, each 330 cm high

Courtesy of Galerie Christian Nagel, Köln/ Berlin/ Antwerpen

Müller is a multidisciplinary artist whose work revolves around contradictions of real and imaginary scenarios, of tale and lesson, of perceptions and their oppositions. His work stretches to unexpected realms.

He choreographs meetings between celebrities and controversial politicians, and challenges us with a discourse of oppositions and contradictions that links freedom and peace with utopia and imagination, while adjoining Western symbols to characters and portraits from the East. The world of contradictions reflected in his work is a metaphoric expression of our world.

In the museum, he exhibits seven glistening mosques whose white color is nothing but purity itself. In a split second they no longer abide to gravity, and in front of the viewer’s astonished eyes leave on their ballistic journey to an unknown destination.

The phallic shape of the mosques headed upward makes us wonder about the spread of Islam. Once again, Müller makes us face the duality that characterizes his works as we float between contradictions and symbols that defy any single meaning.