Andreas Gursky

Siemens, Karlsruhe, Germany , 1991

Mixed Media, 200X170 cm

Andreas Gursky is considered one of the most important and prominent photographers of our time.

His photographs reflect an attitude of remoteness and alienation from the people represented as part of the industrialized technological environment. The artist does not grant them a place of honor at the centre of his work; on the contrary, his photographs transform mankind into an organic, blurred component of the details of his work, and at its margins. Man is swallowed up between wheels, pipes, wires and other objects. In a world serially replicated that perpetuates the multitudinous over the essential; perhaps the multitudinous is the essence,

The compositions Gursky lays out with great care are created with intellectual distinctions he draws in a minimalist language. His photographs, large for the most part, are characterized by the serial nature of their components and the entirety of measured, symmetrical images.

Andreas Gursky is currently on display in leading museums worldwide.