Leila Pazooki | Iran

Moment of Glory, 2010

Neon light tubes
200x350 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Nadour Collection

Pazooki’s neon work is an anthology of separation and connection between artists from east and west, north and south. It is a list of artists and a list of their shadows from the other side of the atlas. Every artist and his double, every artist contains within him the identity of his parallel.

William Kentridge is the Anselm Kiefer of Africa, dealing with scars left from his country’s past. The Brazilian Artur Barrio’s works touch the terror of objects in Joseph Beuys’ installations. Zhang Xiaogang is the Chinese Gerhard Richter, painting faded memories of a bygone world.

Gu Wenda is nothing but China’s Christo, wrapping buildings on the other side of the map. Nikki S. Lee is Asia’s Cindy Sherman, Antonio Blanco is Salvador Dali’s improvised double and last, Vann Nath from Cambodia is in dialogue with Francisco de Goya’s Disasters of War.

A Moment of Fame, like the colorful glowing neon, emphasizes its transient nature. This is a momentarily fame, bringing forward artists who were backstage just a moment ago.

Pazooki helps the viewers cross the boundaries of illusions of that moment and asks to emphasize the connection rather than the separation and the similar and common in the "Other" and different.