Robert Kunec | Slovakia

Suicide Bomber – 1/1, 2008

Fiberglass, polyester
40x305x320 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Land Sachsen-Anhalt Collection Photographs courtesy of the artist and Krupic Kersting Gallery

The Flag Day, 2005
Flag, iron, ironing board
45x110x90 cm

Courtesy of Krupic Kersting Galerie, Köln
Courtesy of Mr. Sjur Nedreaas

Many works and artistic expressions reacted to the terror attacks the world had faced since September 11, 2001. Kunec wishes to tune down the expressions of glorification and the accumulation effect of the terror attacks in the service of ideologies, thus reducing their strength through the banality and contexts he gives his work.

The suicide bomber dismantled to its numbered components in a toy plastic model is yet another commodity among other consumer products on the shelf of possibilities produced by reality.

The level of threat and the importance of the event become another routine expression in our daily life.