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Ido Abramsohn | Israel

Dromedary, 2010

Archival pigment print
145x170 cm

Courtesy of Rea Ben-David Collection

Using miniature models made out of synthetic resin, the kind used by architects or for the construction of dioramas, Ido Abramsohn enlarges and photographs frozen images of objects, people, and animals disconnected from their natural habitat and isolated from a background or a place. It is a catalogue of objects from the reality of war that takes place in our region and in a world of creation conversing with this reality.

Small-scale models of play dolls replace the real characters and in the lifeless uniform faces of soldiers and citizens the proximity between life and death is reflected. Presenting them in a scale much larger than the original heightens the feeling of distance between dream or illusion and reality.

The new scale the viewer is confronted with brings up doubts concerning the components of reality and his or her relation to familiar images, such as the good or bad soldier, challenging us to reexamine local stereotypes.