William Kentridge

Johannesburg, 2nd greatest city after Paris, Southern Africa

16 mm animated film Transferred to video, 08:02 min

Courtesy of Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

William Kentridge is considered to be one of the leading artists in South Africa, and his work has brought him recognition around the world.

In an animated film dating from 1989, Kentridge paints Soho Ackstein, a man within whose power it lies to feed, or to starve, the poor of Johannesburg standing at his door .

In his paintings and animated films, Kentridge has been highly critical of the Apartheid  regime. His films highlight the economic disparities and harsh exploitation, alongside the humiliation and discrimination that  were the lot of the Black population of South Africa

Economic conditions have not improved much for the Black population  since the replacement of the regime and the transfer of power to a new leadership .