Shilpa Gupta | India

Memory-II, 2008

Wood, Concrete
Exhibition Copy
180x220x20 cm

Courtesy of GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano / Beijing / Le Moulin

Shilpa Gupta invites the participation of the viewers in her work, interactively to examine themes such as desire, border and territory vis-a-vis the internal experience of difference.

Memory-II is a work that calls the viewer to participate in the act of viewing, via the openings in the concrete wall created by the letters of the word.

The written word is read both in its phonetic sense and through the "architecture" it creates. Its display on the museum's roof, whose building served as a military post in the heart of the once divided Jerusalem blends with the snipers' apertures and the exposed concrete walls that obstruct the building's openings to this very day, obstructions which have become an integral part of the house, a reminder of the disagreements and battles that this city has experienced.

The work is placed on the observation point on top of the roof, thus emphasizing its visibility and its political-geographic message on the border line connecting East and West Jerusalem. A quick glance from the work towards the eastern hills of Jerusalem reveals segments of the concrete wall constructed in recent years, as a renewed border line between Israel and the West Bank. Gupta's work corresponds with the wall, both in its form and in the memories it has left in families, communities and villages separated by it on both sides.