Thomas Zipp | Germany


Mixed Media, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas,
2 Parts
240x200 cm / 60x50 cm

Courtesy of Baronian Francey, Brussels

Thomas Zipp frequently composes his pictorial program as stagelike installations consisting of painting, sculptural objects, as well as drawings and collages containing hinting references.

His overpowering panoramas with inhospitable landscapes and brooding horizons are liberatingly surreal. Their skies are often either settings for energetic formations or figured graphic patterns, with abstract, checked backgrounds.

Zipp's works contain a mesmerizing element which attracts the viewer's attention towards the focal point of the work and from the very first moment a metaphysical connection is formed between him and the image. This is the main characteristic of the artist's most recent series of works, to which this one belongs.

A.B.: INJECTIONS is a journey in which the viewer is placed in a tunnel of loops that are leading him through a dead end corridor.

Zipp creates a fascinating triangle between the central image, the viewer and the other figure on the wall, watching us, hidden behind a mask, and acting as an inherent part of the viewing experience of the work.

Is it the artist's reflection seeking to be present in our experience as spectators, and watching us as we face his work? In this manner, which can be interpreted either way, the artist attempts to add another dimension to our viewing experience.